Reviewing "Lady Vampire", The "Lost" Paranormal State Episode

Reviewing “Lady Vampire”, The “Lost” Paranormal State Episode

Editor’s Note: Due to the recent influx of lower IQ readers from the Paranormal State forums, we thought we’d drop a quick note here to save ourselves the trouble of getting any more emails containing some variation of the phrase “LMFAO u moreons i sawed this show last night! lolz”.  Those are a hoot to read and all, but this is how a person of normal intelligence would process this article:

Step 1: The date of this article is conveniently located under the title. Compare that to the first airing date of the “Lady Vampire” episode. You’ll see that it was written well before.

Step 2 : Notice the follow-up article titled “A Response From Dawn:” – it’s written by the mother featured in this particular episode and points out (in her own words) why the show was initially pulled, and how it got back on the air.

Step 3 : If you genuinely needed these instructions because you’re too lazy/dumb to look at a date, stop watching Paranormal State. It’s for your own good, and the good of the world as a whole.


To the general public, I apologize for this interruption. To the PS forum tards, thanks for the page views.


I’m not usually the type of person who isn’t willing to give something a second chance to redeem itself. You could call it my Achilles heel. With that being said, I decided to put my extraordinarily good-natured powers of forgiveness to the test against season two of “Paranormal State”. The experiment has led me to these two conclusions: that

A) fans of the show ‘Paranormal State’ are, in fact morons, and

B) Ryan Buell has managed the impossible feat of setting the bar for those hoping to be inducted into the creepy douche bag hall of fame.

Congratulations Buell, you’ve succeeded Mr. Buck, my 8th grade science teacher. He wore bow ties and tried to look down girls’ shirts. Way to go, buddy.

The episode in question was entitled ‘Lady Vampire’. Now the interesting thing about this particular episode is that it was originally scheduled as episode five of this particular season, yet after appearing shortly via “On-Demand” cable, it was banished from television, never to be seen from again.. except briefly on YouTube. Paranormal State’s production company and their network A&E have even gone so far as to erase it from the original season two roster. Fortunately for you, and unfortunately for me, I happened to be lucky enough to have wandered across it before it got deleted from YouTube; afterward I was none too surprised by it’s consequent removal.

The episode opens with Buell and his PRS subjects coming to the rescue of Dawn, a single mom whose five year old daughter Lola is reportedly experiencing paranormal phenomena of the “Vampire” kind. The usual suspects in the order of setup are present for the now familiar client interview. Ryan sits looking pensive, bracing for his close-up, while poor Dawn the client demonstrates her obvious hysteria. Between the bouts of sobbing, it’s learned that Dawn has recently moved into a new home, and that prior to the move her five year old daughter Lola had no difficulty sleeping on her own. In fact, there was no reported paranormal contact of any kind. Lola is now having trouble sleeping in her new bedroom, which consequently is located on a completely separate floor from her mother’s. Oh, and we can’t forget to mention that two inches from the foot of Lola’s bed is the door to the attic; the supposed safe haven for “the spirit.” Cue the child psychologist, whose analysis of Lola is so clearly edited to shreds that you can practically hear her adding ‘however’ to each statement before they cut away. It’s important to note that during the case briefing, team member Katrina (who is usually the only PRS associate with a scrap of intelligence and like-ability) explains that Lola has also been given examinations by doctors and counselors who found nothing wrong. I call “bullshit.”

Now, I’m not eluding to the possibility that Lola wasn’t scared out of her mind, but what I am saying is that there is no way a psychologist or doctor failed to deduce that there’s probably a very good chance Lola is upset because…

A) she’s been relocated and

B) that she’s expected to sleep soundly a level away from her mom in a room with a door, that in every child’s imagination, opens at night to expel every monster conceivable: the attic.

No educated doctor or counselor figured that out? I highly, highly doubt that. Malpractice suit or not, that didn’t stop PRS director Ryan Buell from wholeheartedly agreeing with the client by saying, yes, in fact, there probably is a vampire-ghost-lady stalking your little girl.

At this point in the episode, Dawn has rapidly progressed past her already volatile hysteria, understandably worried about the safety of her little girl. I guess from Ryan’s point of view, there’s really no time to establish rationality or reason within a panic-stricken woman’s mind when you’re busy being a ‘warrior’. Most importantly, not when there are ratings at stake. From a production standpoint, it’s a good thing they didn’t sooth Dawn’s fears, because then PRS and their crew would have missed out on the opportunity to show up on scene after a hysterical, three AM phone call from her. The PRS warrior buddies’ knack for sidestepping rationality was just enough to ramp the woman up enough to necessitate a late night rescue mission. If any other investigative team were to handle a ‘client’ with those set of standards, they would be deemed irresponsible and burned on a pyre of public humiliation. Period. Not once in the episode is the location of her bedroom or the locality of the attic door approached as a possible explanation for why Lola wouldn’t want to sleep in her own room at night.

Cut to a day later and the Dawn, daughter, and team are back at their residence composed and ready for ‘Dead Time’. It begins and ends with a sitting Ryan on Lola’s bed dawning a sleeping mask and a Shakti Helmet. What the hell is a Shakti helmet, you ask? It’s this hilarious-looking little contraption you strap to your head that’s meant to emit EMF waves into your brain in the hopes of inducing psychic ability. Yep, it’s a psychic helmet. Where’s Professor X?

With the helmet strapped to his head, Ryan describes the feeling of something touching his leg, hearing a humming sound, and smelling something old. Then he blows chunks. Just in case you’ve forgotten, I’ll take this moment to remind you that there is, in fact, a helmet piping EMF waves directly into his brain while he sits next to an attic door. After that, well, nothing really happens. Dawn the client is happy just knowing someone is able to “feel what Lola is going through.” I am happy just knowing Ryan Buell harfed on national television. At this point it’s clear that the director and producers are scrambling to wrap up the episode as quickly as possible, because really, who needs a genuine conclusion when you’ve got all those awesome shots of your “star” being a hero – minus the vomit of course.

During the last few minutes of the episode Ryan asks Dawn to demand that the “spirit” leave Lola alone. Dawn complies with his demands and, conveniently, at that precise moment, Ryan, and Ryan alone, happens to hear something whisper the word “okay.” Of course, no one else in the goddamn room hears it, much less the viewing audience.

During the follow up interview a day later, conducted outside during daylight in order to generate a sense of closure, we learn that Lola has slept soundly through the whole night, although we aren’t told whose bedroom she slept in. With that, the episode wraps up with another happy ending for the PRS shitheads. High fives all around.

So what the hell just happened? Did they get rid of the entity? Do psychic helmets fix vampire infestations? Why isn’t everyone using these contraptions if they fix the problem so easily? None of these questions are ever answered. In fact, I really have no idea what PRS did besides stoke some woman’s fears and puke in her house.

In all honestly, I think that it’s important to mention that I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with the plausibility of paranormal occurrences that were or were not possibly happening in that house. I’m confident that both the mother and child believed that what they were experiencing was something otherworldly. What I am questioning is a team that states they’re motivated by a desire to “help” people and further explain the existence of paranormal phenomena. I saw nothing during that episode that would lead me to believe their stated objective. In spite of what the paranormal community would regard as irresponsible behavior, I watched a television show that blatantly ignored logical observations that pretty much any schmuck would come to. And what’s worse, ‘Paranormal State’ demands that it’s viewers just accept their far-flung explainations with no apologies. Fitting PS into the category of paranormally-themed television does a huge injustice to this community because that’s not what it’s portraying. At best, it’s a “reality” television bastardization of the distant truth. One where Ryan Buell gets to play the tormented hero, where every investigation gets a stamp of paranormal authenticity, where entertainment is derived from real people’s fears, legitimate or not. Fears that might have be eased by bringing a little common sense into the mix. I, being involved in the paranormal community myself, don’t take part in home investigations for this very reason. I have a difficult time believing anyone of us paranormal enthusiasts have the right to meddle in people’s private lives, but I would hope that those investigators who do  would approach situations like this one would do so with extreme sensitivity and logic. Unfortunately that doesn’t always make for “good” television.

Since this episode’s air date, there have been plenty of rumors floating around the internet as to why the episode was even pulled in the first place; everything from a disgruntled parent threatening to sue, to the episode having been just too freakin’ far fetched for even A&E to be comfortable airing. As a viewer, and a person with a long-standing interest in the paranormal, I took offense to the entire 22 minutes; I think anyone in the paranormal community who might have actually watched ‘Lady Vampire’ would probably feel the same way: irritated that they’re being asked to accept this kind of trash as “reality.”

Dana Matthews

Dana Matthews

Co-founder, Editor, Writer, at Week in Weird & Planet Weird
Week in Weird co-founder, managing editor, and paranormal TV junkie, Dana has been actively investigating the strange and the anomalous for well over 15 years. Her writing has been featured in local and national news outlets, as well as Roadtrippers, Nerdist, io9, Jezebel, Mary Sue, Dread Central, Kotaku, and other awesome publications both in print and online. When she’s not telling ghost stories or penning articles about real haunted places, she acts as a producer, writer, host, and assistant editor for Engaging the Strange.
Dana Matthews


  1. elkinken

    11/23/2008 at 12:59 PM

    I just don’t buy into paranormal state. I watched the famous Sylvia Shannon episode and felt it was a setup by one or both parties.

    • Mary

      05/30/2012 at 6:06 PM

      Does anyone else catch that Ryan is almost always just about to laugh? He has a smirk constantly but every other scene he always looks like a Saturday Night Live actor trying not to laugh over a scence. He’s laughing because he fooled us all and made tons of cash. Very sad for people who believe in assistance for entities or bad satellite TV….

      I got an email today from “Captain Ryan” (for real) for the opportunity to pay money to be part of their new adventure because PRS had just become too predectable or something along those lines. Do I get a Starship Enterprise plastic necklace? Captain Ryan……Captain Ron was better than this entire freakin show I bought into and spent time watching. I’m embarassed.

      • Screwdriver

        06/24/2012 at 11:36 PM

        Ever meet Ryan in real life? The guy is far from what the show tries to play him out as. Rather than that stoic hero who doesn’t have a thread of emotion to display and instead plays a rather chill guy with his feelings under control- Ryan really is just a casual guy.
        He’s sometimes like that, serious- but really, when is anyone laughing and acting as if though on LSD all the time?
        Basically, what i’m saying is- he’s normal. But in the show, the way they edit his reactions and place certain facial expressions in when the clients not telling him the segment they show (in which he sternly stares into the eyes of the speaker), they make him seem like that.
        He once talked about this, and said that the show makes him seem like a douche bag (know that he said it, no one brought ‘douche bag’ up). That they always remove any facial expression that has him remotely smile. He says he always laughs, mostly smirks, sometimes smiles. But they remove it to make him seem super ‘cool’.
        Basically, in the end, Ryan is directed in ‘his’ show. And he’s presented the way they want him to seem.
        The cool chill guy the fangirls/boys seem to be flipping over doesn’t exist. He’s the guy A&E made for your ‘viewing’ pleasure.

        • Cooch

          06/25/2012 at 1:12 AM

          He thinks he was accosted by a gnome demon as a child. He also tells people he has a direct line to the Vatican. He thinks he fights demons. Ryan Buell is NOT a normal guy.

          • Jarred

            12/07/2013 at 9:06 PM


          • Sniper Ranger

            09/30/2014 at 12:10 PM

            He wasn’t fighting demons, He was being follow by a Demon, You morron, I see that you don’t even understand or capture what he went through, Have you ever been present in a “Perfect Possession Ritual” ? Do you what a REAL demon is capable to do??? I guess not, so Keep talking shit!

  2. juniorjunkie/Aprilee

    11/23/2008 at 1:58 PM

    I used to belong to the “Official PRS Forum”. Quite briefly, as I dared to post two threads questioning Lorraine Warren’s credability.(after immediately being accosted by Topher & some other PRS Team Members, leading to my being accosted by Ryan Burrell himself) I was quietly banned by Ryan Burrell!!
    And I thought the censorship on the Ghost Hunter’s Forum was harsh!!

    • Mary

      05/30/2012 at 6:08 PM

      Lorraine should have her own comedy show. And I bet she smells bad.

      • Sniper Ranger

        09/30/2014 at 12:12 PM

        I wish so Bad you get harass by a REAL demon and to see what if feels to be torment it for a long long time =) sheevah’ sontra cuuh portratious.

    • paula

      04/18/2013 at 12:58 AM

      If you were so into it that you belonged to their official forum..i would THINK you would know that his name is NOT Ryan is Ryan Buell ..he probably banned you on the premis of you being a complete moron. How do you have any right to question Lorraine Warren’s credibility when she has been working in this for DECADES..probably longer than you have been alive..along with her husband and later taught mr zaffis who is the haunted collector as her husband is a twin to his mom. I doubt you have had the change to witness anything they have done in person and probably only know of her from this show and MAYBE if you watch tv the amityville horror show.

      • Reagan

        06/08/2013 at 2:10 PM

        Regardless of what you think of Lorraine, paula, anyone should be able to question anything on the forum. A forum is for discussion. It’s not just fan mail. Secondly, I am certain they have many “morons” they have not banned because they simply kiss their asses. Working in demonology for decades doesn’t make Lorraine not a fraud. Especially since it has all come to light that the Amityville case was GREATLY exaggerated.

  3. ParanormalYou?

    11/23/2008 at 6:51 PM

    I also viewed the Lady Vampire episode before it was removed from youtube and feel just about the same as the author about it. I will gladly let PS have it’s run, most of it’s viewers are there for entertainment only and the ones that claim to be there for the real paranormal knowledge just pretend the ignorance of the show isn’t completely obvious. To each their own I suppose.

    • Bmarts

      08/13/2012 at 7:33 PM

      You will find that episode on Netflix.

  4. Christina

    11/23/2008 at 9:02 PM

    It was pretty dam disturbing to say the least! I really hope people outside the field don’t think that is how all of us act.

  5. Kim

    11/24/2008 at 10:35 AM

    I have seen several PS episodes and stopped watching it. It made me very upset to see Ryan with a smirk on his face when he was briefing clints in every episode I had watched. You could tell he was doing it just for show!! It has all gone to his head!! He doesn’t care about the people he is trying to “help”, if you want to call it that!

    • ivy

      04/28/2012 at 10:50 AM

      yes he fucking does,you god damn cunt and to spill it all out to you you probably dont know a single thing about the paranormal.this is just probably just an attempt to get more vewers for for whoever wrote this. they are just mad caz they dont have any veiwers and how dare he make it out like that ryan is nothing like what he are probably the perv looking down girls shirts.

      • anniemouse

        06/24/2012 at 12:31 AM

        *Yes (Capitalize beginning of a sentence)
        *Spell it all out (not spill)
        *…paranormal. This….
        *Remove the first “just” from “this is just probably just an attempt…”
        *…make it out like that, Ryan is…
        *…he said. You…”

      • Reagan

        06/08/2013 at 2:14 PM

        Wow. You are a joke.

  6. poconogrl

    11/24/2008 at 2:22 PM

    I saw that episode and the acting was horrible!!! It was like a B movie knock off from the 80’s.

  7. bellaboo

    11/25/2008 at 2:06 PM

    i caught this on YT as well. extremely disturbing. in the YT comments, there was a post by “brainsci” stating that the little girl’s father filed a court order to keep them from airing this epi. GO smart and caring father!! – wish there were more parents like that in the paranormal state / psychic kids circus.

    “brainsci” is the person who sells and “created” the shakti helmet. he posted briefly at AE when this episode was supposed to have aired.

    paranormal state has attempted to promote more ridiculous PN contraptions than chip has had cyber temper tantrums.

    no no, bad comparison — PRS only promoted about 3 contraptions, so far. i think everyone knows how ubiquitous the chip temper tantrums are.

    “i’m suing you! i’m calling the FBI! i’m deleting your myspace”

    etc etc.

  8. BatGirl

    11/25/2008 at 9:30 PM

    Great article Dana. I have seen this episode on YT and found it to be very poorly done. I also question using a child for episode ratings. I feel that the first issue would be to see if the move to a new house, having her bedroom on a different floor, with a weird door to the attic, is the cause for the Childs fear and lack of sleep.

  9. Itharia

    11/26/2008 at 2:10 AM

    I went on the forums a lot and posted a bit under this alias. Tbh, I never went on to confront or show too much of my skepticism of the show/actors and those that frequented the site claiming all sorts of apparent paranormal experience. Why? Because I learned that the hard way on the Taps Forum that you cannot have different opinion from the majority or from the Para Celebs without being hounded out. Besides, it was sometimes rather amusing to listen to the less objective members of society. I do miss some members from the forums though – those few fighters for truth and honesty have hard battle on the forums. I wish them luck but I no longer wish to waste my time or energy on drivel and delusions of those there.

    Wow, ramble much? Haha – but back to the episode at hand. It was utter tripe I wanted to scream at them.

  10. Firedance

    11/30/2008 at 12:04 PM

    Hi. I posted on the PRS forum for a while but got kicked for some reason that I don’t know. I had answered WWJD to a question that Topher had asked about making money exorcising demons and paranormal investigating. He said that it was off topic. It’s clear to me that what the PRS is doing has nothing to do with Christianity and everything to do with being dishonest and promoting their own special brand of bullshit. They are the evil ones.

  11. Lodema

    11/30/2008 at 8:23 PM

    I also watched this on YouTube, and the best part was Ryan puking. I feel for the little girl, I had to move when my son was two because I found out there was lead at my apartment, because of the fast move my son had night terrors for months. Moving when children are small is very hard for them to deal with especially when it is sudden. As a mother I know night terrors are very hard to watch and my son slept with me for months till he got over them. When he would wake up he would scream, sob and shake like he had seen the devil himself…and he was two so a monster is what he said scared him. And the worse part would be when he wouldn’t recognize me and huddle in the corner screaming till he woke from the dream. Then add into the mix an attic entry and a distant bedroom and you have a great mix for a very scared child.

  12. Brandy

    12/01/2008 at 8:18 AM

    Oh my heavens! I love it! There is another young team in this area that has a) gone into “demonology” and b) loves Paranormal State. Is this a co-incidence? This show has driven me crazy since its inception. The first time I saw it, I cried out “We have returned to the Middle Ages!” (I am a professor of REL and HUM and have studied ancient to Medieval time periods…trust me, I wasn’t kidding).

    I don’t understand how the show has survived. It has a loyal fan base, yet the show is so unbelievable as to be ridiculous. Its spin off, “Psychic Children,” is even worse. And I understand that this crew is getting ready to try their hand at yet another show.

    This show is not appropriate. It gives the wrong view on paranormal investigation and opens the door to inexperienced copy cats who want to have an experience with the dark side. It is very very dangerous, overall. Is there a season 3? I hope not!

  13. ParanormalYou?

    12/01/2008 at 10:47 AM

    Yes, there is going to be a season 3 it will have a long run as far as paranormal shows go…why? because it gets the fan girls wet with excitement to see someone under 30 being so chauvinistic to people who are actually trying to make progress in the paranormal field instead of “helping the client” by spoon feeding them bullshit and hearing bumps in the night.

  14. Iana

    12/01/2008 at 10:27 PM

    First, why would you call people moron’s when you watched the show as well. Just because you don’t like the show now everyone else is a moron who does. Come on now.

    • ivy

      04/28/2012 at 10:54 AM

      i honestly agree

  15. EEP

    12/15/2008 at 12:43 PM


  16. tiredofBS

    12/16/2008 at 2:37 AM

    I agree with lana, I am sure some people watch that bald dude name steve on rooter plumbing dude who debunks everything,but has no proof what he is debunking, cause his show is BS.

  17. Kelli Ryan

    01/03/2009 at 3:02 AM

    I feel sorry for this little girl. PS did a show in my home called THE MESSENGER. They only picked up the phenomenon we submitted to the casting producer, Eric Leven. They did not pick up on the other two ghosts in our house. One was a woman who lived on the site before the house was built and was murdered. One owner flew his plane into the side of a mountain and another shot himself in the chest on top of the mountain. Our headless ghost, also died under tragic circumstances and his death was covered up by putting his body in a car and rolling it down a hill to make it look like an accident. That is a lot of violent death and they didn’t pick up on anything aside from what was reported to Eric Leven the casting producer. When Kirby Robinson called them on this in his report, Chip Coffey called me a liar saying he had never heard of anyone named Eric aleven and no such person worked for A&E. Eric Leven no longer works for A&E but he does appear in the credits of our episode and all the episodes of the first season. Since calling me a liar, their sycophantic fans have threatened my household and posted ugly comments all over the internet…none of which are true. Irresponsible is the least of what PS can be characterized by. Kelli Ryan, former “client” of the students and warriors of Paranormal State

    • Astrid

      09/26/2011 at 11:48 AM

      You can’t spell. And all I have heard and seen of you Kelli Ryan is self-promoting psycho babble about your “abilities.” The show has had 6 seasons and you’re the only one who has made a giant fuss. I’m not saying I think the show is legit, because it’s reality TV and they all have a level of control and a pre-designed plot, some tantamount to complete fabrication…. but you are less legit than the show is. Who runs all over the internet like an attention whore and trash talks the show that gave you a platform to be noticed in the first place? Sorry you are dissappointed with how they decided to edit it, but for real wake up and understand its about making TV, not making your dreams come true. Quit trying to procure fame off of someone else’s by claiming they are frauds and you are the real psychic. What did you think being on a reality show was going to be like… Are you dumb?

      • Reagan

        06/08/2013 at 2:27 PM

        First of all, she spelled everything correctly other than one obvious typo. Secondly, as a person who fights for the truth, I think sitting down and taking it would be the “dumb” thing to do. PS was not a platform for her to be noticed. She simply knew she couldn’t or shouldn’t try ousting that particular entity herself and asked for help. If PRS is simply for entertainment, they should advertise as such. They are preying off of people at their most vulnerable. I challenge YOU to be in a situation like that, search for help, and be given that. Not to mention to be so misrepresented on television. If you think she is the only one who has “made a giant fuss” then you haven’t done your research well…AT ALL. It is rare that someone online irritates me to the degree that I feel a very violent irrational side emerging inside me, but you have done it. Bravo.

  18. charisma

    01/04/2009 at 1:23 PM

    So, if you don’t like a show, then do not watch it. If you think you can do a better job yourself, then do it. Quit sitting on your ample butt and passing judgement on people whom you do not 1) KNOW and 2) BELIEVE. This is a big damn world. Live in your space and let Ryan Buell and PRS live in theirs. Oh and btw, the episode will be included in Paranormal State Season three DVD collection. It was never taken off the air because of some far fetched story that someone was going to “sue” over the appearance of a child. Get your facts correct before you sit all smuglike in your easy chair. The episode can still be found on YouTube; it just cannot be embedded. You people who write this piece of trash are a joke and this will be my last time even looking at it.

    • anniemouse

      06/24/2012 at 12:40 AM

      “Quit sitting on your ample butt and passing judgement on people whom you do not 1) KNOW and 2)BELIEVE.”

      Wait… didn’t you just do that?

  19. Greg

    01/05/2009 at 3:09 AM

    “Charisma” (hilarious name for someone lacking it, btw),
    We do think we could do a better job. In fact, we’re sure of it. The problem is, people like us don’t do well when we’re asked to fake exorcisms and evidence. It’s a weird conscience thing, you probably wouldn’t understand. Since you’re a Paranormal State expert, I’d love to hear the actual reasoning as to why the show got pulled. So far, a threatened lawsuit over an exploited child sounds like the most rational to me. That, or the fact that Ryan blew chunks on national television.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got an easy chair calling my smug little face.

  20. Sylvia Blackenbleu

    01/05/2009 at 8:02 PM

    Charisma’s response is a classic example of lemmings being led to the sea and falling over the cliffs; in other words MORONS. They’re nothing special, but they act like their heros saving the world. Why do so many fans of Paranormal State, Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures place these so called tv-stars on such a high pedestal. Are the networks really trying to provide quality television or eye candy for the masses. Next thing you’ll see Zak and Ryan on 17 and Tiger Beat Magazines, win a date with your fav ghost hunter, with Chip Coffey as the chaperone. Careful, kitty has claws!

  21. Anita

    01/06/2009 at 4:17 PM

    This particular episode is actually NOT available on YouTube that I could find. If you have a link, Charisma, that would be good. All of the YouTube links that I could find said that the video had been removed for content violation. The majority of the other links that I found on the web said that they were for Season 2: Episode 5 Lady Vampire, but only led me to the Hell’s Gate episode instead. Finally, I was able to find the episode for viewing and embedding at if anyone wants to check it out. It seems that PRS and/or A&E has tried their hardest to scrub this episode’s existence odd the net. Doh! They almost had it…

  22. Dana

    01/06/2009 at 4:42 PM

    Awesome! Thanks Anita

  23. bellaboo

    01/06/2009 at 7:07 PM

    TFF! loved greg and SYLVIA BLACKENBLEU’s responses!

    charisma, i’m channeling my non-existent psychic powers (JUST LIKE CHIP DOES ON TV!) and i am sensing that you have no idea what you are talking about when you say “It was never taken off the air because of some far fetched story that someone was going to “sue” over the appearance of a child”.

    so no, i’m not a psychic and i don’t play one on TV, but that is not a “far-fetched story” by any means.

    it’s very plausible. i guess ONLY time will tell whether it’s the truth, cause A&E and PRS certainly aren’t talking about it.

    at all.


  24. Anji

    01/08/2009 at 2:44 AM

    You all make my day. This is so funny. I cant stand Paranormal state. I think they are all idiots. Makes all the true paranormal investigators, like myself, look bad.

  25. CBB

    01/24/2009 at 5:04 PM

    Interestingly, all of the promos I’ve seen for next week’s episode (airdate: 1.26) sound EXACTLY like the “Vampire” episode described here! So perhaps this ep is seeing the light of day in the end.

    As someone who sometimes does watch PS, for the sheer amusement value, I can also tell you that we’ve worked up a GREAT drinking game to go with the show. There’s entertainment, right there!

  26. Kelli Ryan

    01/24/2009 at 8:05 PM

    They are all idiots. And they are funny. But when a family is at their most vulnerable as a result of frightening and injurious phenomenon and DESPERATE for help, they may not be using their best judgemen. A drowning person does not stop to examine the log they grab to save themselves for woodrot. We watch these shows and see plumbers and other sundry ill-prepared bunglers wandering in the dark screaming as a result of every bump in the night only to tell a bewildered homeowner there is nothing to their haunting…no worries…they have debunked everything (except themselves). But then some of us, old, tired middleaged people with master’s degrees see a group who seem to part of a university we respect and say,”They must not be as stupid as they look…Penn State wouldn’t allow their name to be used if these people weren’t part of a responsible paranormal department on campus…I wish I hadn’t been so sleep-deprived I wasn’t thinking clearly. Laugh at these shows, they are funny and fake. I wish the families were fake. These people are real and PRS comes in and provokes what is there, stirs up more activity, invites demons by hoping they are there…and then leave. The families are left worse off than ever and afraid to trust any paranormal researcher in their home. Yes the shows are funny. But what they do isn’t. Kelli Ryan

  27. nightingale

    01/27/2009 at 12:47 AM

    New here…just watched the episode everyone keeps saying has been pulled. Recording of this repeat yesterday or today on A&E (already deleted from DVR-no date avail). Not sure what the big deal is about the episode- no matter what side you are on…

  28. Professor X

    01/27/2009 at 8:49 PM

    In point of fact, Ryan did NOT use a “Shakti Helmet” – The device does NOT use EMF emissions, and it is NOT a ‘Psychic Helmet’.

    It DOES use magnetic fields that change amplitude in complex patterns (not EMF), it IS a “Shakti headset” (, and the ‘psychic headset’ is actually a circumcerebral neural stimulation system, but it wasn’t used on the show.

    If you doubt that there is real science behind such devices, try this link:

    That is only one study – there are MANY more. The same website (dedicated to medical publications) has over 300 publications by the same author). In that research tradition, a ghost is an example of a ‘visitor experience’, a class of events that includes the feeling that someone is standing behind you, but when you turn to look, no one is there.

    There are 23 studies (on that site alone) about this experience.

    This is serious stuff, but Paranorma States didn’t check the facts about their own hardware. They clearly learned very well – it was set up correctly and they did indeed have the experience they were looking for. Nevertheless, their understanding of the device’s output is a bit weak.

    Also Ryan did not vomit. He only seemed to have a coughing fit. His trip to the tiolet may well have been to add a touch of the sensational. Vomiting IS associated with the experience (hallucinatory or not) of seeing ghosts, demons and other such seemingly ‘ego-alien’ (not seen as coming from ‘within’) entities. It’s not associated with “Complex magnetic signal technology” (The technology at work with Shakti headsets of any kind), and it’s not associated with attics.

    You asked “Where is Professor X?”


  29. Nell Gwyn

    01/29/2009 at 3:37 PM

    For those of you still interested (and I know you are!), and who missed Monday’s show, this episode was finally aired.

    It would have been better to have kept it under wraps. Just horrible. Another reason why people need to keep sending emails, letters etc. to those responsible for programming to get this show off the air.

    Both myself and my husband, who works in psych, have seen PS concentrate on certain types of people, including young children, who have emotional problems or difficulties coping with grief issues. Not every episode, but darn near the bulk of them involve families who are saturated in religiousity, primarily of the Catholic variety. Add to this deep rooted psychological problems, pain and suffering; all attributes which this show shamelessly takes advantage of.

    This show really exemplified how dangerous it is to meddle with things best left to real therapists. The mother was obviously a hysterical type of woman and overly protective of her daughter.

    The child herself was responding, as pointed out above, to the move to a strange house and the isolation at night from her mother. The mom was inadvertently infecting her daughter with her own hysteria. Both obviously needed a good therapist both to calm the child and delve into why Mom was not acting like a normal mother but creating some kind of fantastical reason for a very real problem.

    The only positive about this show was seeing Ryan with that ridiculous set up on his head and him puking on national TV. That was priceless, but done at the expense of a very troubled single (I didn’t hear mention of a father or male figure) mother whose whole world was revolving around her daughter. Perhaps Mom NEEDS a daughter who for various reasons demands a lot of attention and coddling. Perhaps this fulfills a need she has to then be the loving, protective and “frightened for my child” type of parent. I truly hope they get the real help they need so they can both begin to live normal, productive lives.

    This show should have been kept where it obviously belonged-on the cutting room floor. Along with their other fiascos, including the “I Am Six” debacle, this should be enough for any producer to pull the plug on this showcase for Ryan and his, IMO, narcissistic behavior.

    A & E is scraping the bottom of the barrel with this production. And oh my, didn’t I see Chip Coffey in the preview? I thought the channel had the sense to replace him after his very controversial show on psychic kids was canceled.

    From nothing really being accomplished, matters being made even worse by a visit from the PS crew, or watching Chip, Ryan and company going ga-ga watching satellites they thought were UFOs, I don’t believe there is a worse show on TV. It is wrong on so many levels.

    P.S. Charisma, I’m sorry, but this is one of those shows that cross the line. To not like it is one thing. But to just sit idly by and see emotionally distraught people who do not need to be drawn further into the surreal world of non-professionals who have no business trying to give therapy is to condone this unethical behavior.

    It’s not a matter of belief or not. It is the ethics of what PS is doing which is beyond the pale. Plus its effect on equally suffering viewers who actually think that calling in people like PS is going to make their inner turmoil go away forever.

  30. lucky912

    02/17/2009 at 6:30 PM

    I understand that those of you who consider yourselves real paranormal experts are annoyed and put off by Paranormal State… but haven’t you ever heard of entertainment value??? Obviously, Ryan and the PRS team are aware of the fact that the reason for their success is its entertainment value- if they were only doing it for the paranormal investigation, they wouldn’t have created a TV show now would they? Its just like any other reality show on TV (American Idol for example)…those of us that have any real knowledge of the subject know that its a joke, but the “moronic” public still thinks its entertainment. American Idol doesn’t discredit someone with a true musical talent, just the same as Paranormal State doesn’t discredit someone with REAL paranormal investigative experience.

    AND if you think you could do it better, then why don’t you?? A large part of paranormal investigation is documentation, is it not?? Why not put up your work for the viewing audience if you’re so concerned with resurrecting the reputation of paranormal investigation??

    Just a thought….

    • Cordy07

      01/16/2013 at 8:30 PM

      Ryan and his team did not “create” the show. They were actually approached by A&E, not the other way around.

  31. lucky912

    02/17/2009 at 6:34 PM


    PRS doesn’t just show up on the doorstep of unsuspecting victims… those in the show are the ones reaching out for help, but HELLO!!!!!!! they are very aware that they also are getting their 15 minutes of fame. If they were truly concerned with only a successful outcome, and not the TV screen time, they would be contacting a local expert with a TV affiliation, not a bunch of college students with a show that obviously survives on ratings.

  32. lucky912

    02/17/2009 at 6:36 PM

    **without a TV affiliation, not with, as written above

    ok- last post for now, I promise :-)

  33. bellaboo

    02/27/2009 at 3:29 PM

    lucky, i’m not entertained by the exploitation in this show.

    that said, as for the rest of the show; its cheesy melodramatic production, chip coffey’s ridiculous antics, the poor editing, the ego oozing smarm that is ryan buell — all of that is quite entertaining.

    check this out:

  34. bellaboo

    03/09/2009 at 11:32 AM

    lucky912 stated:”Also…PRS doesn’t just show up on the doorstep of unsuspecting victims… those in the show are the ones reaching out for help, but HELLO!!!!!!! they are very aware that they also are getting their 15 minutes of fame.”

    i have to say i agree with this to some extent. PRS and/or the shows’ producers put out ads asking for “clients” on myspace, craigs list and other outlets prior to the show’s airing. i doubt they’ve had to advertise for business as much since the show has been on the air. gullible people are only too willing to put themselves and their families in the spotlight for this absurd group/show. the idiot adults don’t bother me, it’s when they involve minors that i start to get a tad riled.

  35. Trollie

    03/09/2009 at 9:48 PM

    FYI – they re-aired this episode tonight. This is the first time I’ve seen this show, and wow. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anything so obviously edited. I also saw the episode “the sensitive” where they state that it’s 3am. They go upstairs after seeing a light in one of the bedroom windows. The bed is messed up! Also, next to the bed, the clock CLEARLY says “11:31″.

    I’m not a die-hard skeptic, but I think it’s shameful to present this show as non-fiction. Maybe there are spirits, I don’t pretend to know. But we’re smart enough to notice sketchy editing. Come on.

  36. Luv2LuvEm

    03/13/2009 at 10:47 PM

    I must say I was a regular viewer of PS. That is until I saw this episode. First of all yes I could see that the little girl was scared. However she wouldn’t have been SO scared if it wasnt for her mother! By making such a huge deal about the goings on,the woman was clearly making her daughter way more freaked out than necesary. Anyone whos been around frightened kids knows that if you dont react, they wont react. Im not saying to act like nothings wrong, just be calm so as not to tramatize the child.

  37. Luv2LuvEm

    03/13/2009 at 11:11 PM

    Also… That joke of a device that Ryan put on his head! Come on! It suposedly shot EMFs into the brain right? EVERYONE knows that high EMFs can cause adverse reactions from a person thinking they are experiencing the paranormal when they’re really not, to halucinations, to upset stomach. (Sound familiar anyone?) Im sure having a huge amount shot directly into your brain isnt the best thing to do if one is searching for the “truth.”

    • Cordy07

      01/16/2013 at 8:36 PM

      The Shakti device did not use EMF’s. It used MAGNETS to stimulate the temporal lobes of the brain! How about you actually listen to Sergey’s explanation of the device before you post n idiotic comment?

  38. Elizabeth~Mother Firefly~Pearcey

    03/16/2009 at 2:57 PM

    THANK YOU!! I thought it was me! I usually don’t smoke pot, and I did that day it aired on A&E. I thought it was me!. I new about the shakti helmet for about 6 months and read up on the device. The research I did lead me to believe this device might be something interesting for someone who spends allot of time meditating.
    I just kept thinking over and over, He is wearing a helmet that magnetically stimulates parts of your brain in affect to give the person hallucinations, and he is wearing it attempting to make sense of the situation. That doesn’t make any goddamn sense. How will magnetically induced hallucinations going to help them find any safe salutation to what looks to be a very tired mom and PERFECTLY NORMAL child? This just doesn’t make any damn sense.
    And another thing, his hacking was so superficial, no splatter, no whoosh, just coughing. He is an ass.
    He doesn’t have anyone fooled, belial, mothman, the yeti, satan, none of these guys want anything to do with the him. And yet he has a job and the rest of America doesn’t. Hmmm.

  39. Ceallaigh

    03/21/2009 at 6:14 AM

    I’ll watch the show if it’s on, but it’s WAY too religious for my liking. It would be much better without so much religion shoved at us.

  40. Rock_Chick

    03/26/2009 at 12:05 PM


    Some of you are so gullible.

    I must have a magical television set… and a magical satellite dish… heck, A&E itself must be made out of magic cos I sure as hell watched that ‘episode that never aired’ and magically disappeared from youtube… from my couch… on television on a monday night, 7pm PST.

    And nevermind the re-runs.

    Great research you did there. I feel for your ‘clients’ if you approach them with just as much passion, background checks and research, you girly ghost hunter, you…

    *shakes head*

  41. Greg

    03/26/2009 at 1:16 PM

    I think that you’re the idiot here , dear.

    I find it hilarious that you chastise us about proper research, when if you’d bothered to do any of your own, you’d have noticed the date of this article greatly pre-dates any airing of this episode, and you’d have also found an entire fucking follow-up article that explained how the show eventually aired and why it was pulled in the first place (the whole piece written by the mother featured in the episode, nonetheless). It’s called “A Response From Dawn” if you’re interested in, you know, doing some research.

    I took the liberty of grabbing an excerpt for you, since I’m betting that you’re fat and lazy, in addition to your already proven stupidity:

    “A few months ago, our own Dana Matthews wrote a review of a Paranormal State episode titled “Lady Vampire” that was quickly pulled from the series rotation before airing. No one could figure out why it was pulled, but a few months later the episode finally made it’s debut.”

    Next time you feel like “LYFAO”, you might want to do some fact checking of your own before you make an ass out of yourself on the internet, you “rock chick”, you. Though I’ve got a feeling you’ve had some experience with that.

    *shakes a cocktail*

    • Leslie

      07/25/2012 at 6:52 AM

      Greg, your responses are priceless! We would definitely be friends. Hysterical!

  42. Nopaosak

    03/29/2009 at 8:57 PM

    I assumed Rock referred to music and not something you smoked; that is until I read the response. -5 Internets for not reading post dates.

  43. Nopaosak

    03/29/2009 at 8:57 PM

    Oh and Greg, I want my ugly mug next to my posts like yours!

  44. Dave

    03/30/2009 at 3:22 PM

    Wow. At the time it was “deleted” from the A&E library. But some poor soul probably Ryan Buell himself could not miss another chance in the lime light so the episode finally saw that light of day.

    Now that being said Ryan looks like he was abused as a kid, not saying he was. He just looks like he could possibly be a victim. That, and the mystery the producers try to add with his narration at the beginning of the show, well I just don’t buy it, and he doesn’t sound like he buys it either.

    Ryan is an idiot. His team is made to look like idiots the moment he walks up to the door. Where does this shows reality exist? Some where between everything’s ok, and as long as you pay my check?

    That was only the most severe. Hell I’m not a child psychologist and even I could tell you that the child needed the comfort of her mother. Not have PRS exploit the family on national television.

    But like all things PRS, I’m sure in their own deluded minds it wasn’t just a waste of time. Congrats A&E I didn’t think you could sink to a new low. I don’t watch PRS, but my brother does. PRS is a joke, and Ryan Buell is a poor excuse for a conman, and a poor excuse period.

  45. FSM

    04/10/2009 at 11:59 AM

    The Shakti helmet was ridiculous. EMFs makes you sick at high frequencies. I don’t know anything about the helmet, but is it coincidence he threw up afterward? Sorry, but when they start using silly contraptions like this, I start losing respect for the show.

  46. daveC

    04/21/2009 at 3:24 PM

    I used to work around large magnetic fields.
    The Shakti helmet/headset/whatever, if it truly induces EMF/Magnetic fields around the brain, WILL cause hallucinations, nausea, vomiting etc… no hallucination is going to be related to an actual paranormal activity if it is caused by a magnetic field forced into your brain… He may as well have taken a hit of acid to hallucinate and try to make sense of the activity LOL…
    And the ping pong balls over the eyes with the red lights… Priceless!

    • Jef

      10/12/2012 at 6:35 PM

      As a user of the newer version of the Shakti Helmet technology called the Paranormal Shakti System and all previous versions back to 2010 including the 8, 16 and 64 coil versions, I can state they are quite safe. The complex gentle magnetic signals used are extremely low. In point of fact your standard audio headphones ALSO produce complex magnetic signals.

      Astral dream states, lucid dreaming and out of body experiences are commonly reported from users.

      If you wish to see some of the results achieved with this tech go to

      If you wish to actually read about the science behind it (20 years of university work) go to

      BTW when viewing anything on television, it is best to realize that even so called reality shows are scripted for a reason. I should know from my appearance on the history channel UFO Hunters episode that was NOTHING like the truth once the editors finished.

  47. B

    04/28/2009 at 4:29 PM

    It’s a television show, so if it’s real or not, who are you to say? If you’re going to sit here and bash a TV when Ryan’s actually HAS helped people in the past, that’s ridiculous. If there’s a problem, go watch Ghost Hunters or something. This was way too long and a waste of the authors time. Come on, grow up.

  48. brodawgmastaPPPPPPPPPPPPPpp

    05/11/2009 at 9:05 PM

    I couldn’t give two shits about this show, or ghost hunters. but i did just watch, season 2, episode 6, titled lady vampire, from ‘On Demand’, hosted by Time Warner Television.

    I think real lady vampire thang is her beat mother at night. jesus, can someone get that mother a makeover.

  49. Danielle

    05/12/2009 at 10:13 PM

    I agree completely with B. If you actually did your research on the show you would already know that the religious aspect is usually, if not always, based on whatever the client follows. Imagine that, most of them HAPPEN to be Christian. Get over that little fact, it shouldn’t make you be a fucking douche bag about a show. ALSO, when the hell does Ryan smirk when he’s briefing a client? Most people complain that he doesn’t smile enough when it comes to the show…so tell me when he’s having a serious conversation he smirks? And I am a huge fan of the show and of Ryan for my own reasons and I don’t appreciate being called a moron by someone who claims to hate the show but dedicated this big, long ass blog about it. Tell where it makes sense that someone who cares to little devotes so much time to making it known that they hate it? You people that sit here and assume this and that about Ryan and his team are fucking losers that apparently have to do something with their jealousy. Why don’t you do the world some good and go help people if you don’t think they’re doing a good job of it?

  50. jeb

    05/13/2009 at 9:49 AM

    I just love how he runs into every house screaming he is going to send something to hell, then ten minutes later finds out that the spirit is a little girl or someone’s grandma. You think he would apologize.
    Also how is ‘Dead Time” whenever they want it to be. In the first season it was at 3 a.m. and they had some religious reason for that. (though I think it was stolen from the excercism of emily rose) now it’s like hmmm, 1:45? That’s close enough…Dead time is now.

  51. bellaboo

    05/16/2009 at 4:01 PM

    danielle, why don’t you just go have ry-ry’s babies already…

  52. tom

    05/18/2009 at 10:22 PM

    hey jeb, if you know anything about dead time beig 3 am its because jesus christ was crucified about 3pm and with the time change in the u.s its about 3:00 am the demons arose at the time of jesus’s death in celibration.

  53. UCantBeSerious

    05/29/2009 at 5:35 PM

    “Demonologist” hahahahahaahahahah….

    “ologist” as a suffix is hilarious (it isnt really a “suffix” in the true sense)



  54. AUJT

    06/07/2009 at 6:46 AM

    Yes. Fans/believers of Paranormal State as well as Chip Coffey and his Psychic Kids BS show on sideshow network, A$E, are *MORONS*. That or they would like to see the shows do well so that it will benefit them in some way. *MORONS* and their money are soon parted and Ryan Buell, Chip Coffey and the woo in general are fully aware of this FACT. Which may not be such a bad thing actually. hmmmmm…. *MORONS* prolly shouldn’t be allowed to have money…. or the right to vote (as evidenced by the 2004 presidential election) and definitely should not procreate (as evidenced by the existance of wannabe cult leader Ryan Buell and Chipples Coffey). 😉

    • Mike Walker

      05/01/2012 at 4:38 PM

      Aujt, the only Moron is you. I think you make your dumb ass comment so you can feel better about yourself…..because again your a Moron like some of the other shit talkers on this sight……You have the nerve to call us believers Morons, actually that’s cool……it must bother the fuck out of you that you haven’t experienced any kind of activity. Jealousy gets you no were dumb ass…..loser…..(smiling)

  55. Pumablues

    06/16/2009 at 7:38 PM

    I’m actually a regular on the PRS forums, though I’m surprised that I haven’t been banned myself. Topher himself knows how I feel about the show, though I have yet to see action sent my way. Probably because I’ve never mentioned my opinion directly in the forums.

    I think that it’s just my comfort in the fact that they know I know it’s bull shit that keeps me from pointing out the obvious.

  56. thelady

    06/23/2009 at 11:03 AM

    Hi! I guess that I am one of those morons that watch all of the shows that have been mentioned above, I am not sure why you care if I or anyone else watches any one of these shows, sure you say that you do not want anyone doing or saying things wrong as far as paranormal issues or anything that has anything to do with the paranormal phenomenon, are you truly an expert? Do you have proof that you are truly an expert of the paranormal? Hm, you have a phd or a masters but do you really have the proof that your honest to god paranormal experts? The real deal the absolute expert or are you just a little jealous that you aren’t doing shows like these people are doing, I consider it a gateway for people who have been terrified by the things that are haunting them to come forward and let themselves have the courage to ask for help where before they would have been outcast or ridiculed or thought to be wacko, an opening. So instead of sitting and ridiculing others who have given the ones the courage to come forward and ask for that help you might try to help people here on your site to come to you for help give them a chance for your so called expert help or are you afraid of the things that go bump in the night. Oh and I am truly one of those morons that watches all of the above mentioned shows and I love everyone of them even most haunted in their weird kind of paranormal hunts. So the real thing that I have to say is instead trying to chop up others who at least are trying to give people and opening to come forward and get help use this site to do just that and stop being over jealous and do your own thing to help people out, or is that below your phd’s and master’s degree’s to help out others in need?

  57. Zashkaser

    08/05/2009 at 9:59 AM

    Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!

  58. Rich

    08/30/2009 at 6:45 AM

    LOL Ghosts!!!!!! You ALL make me laugh! Trying to sell yourselfs as real investigators while this show (aired for enjoyment) as wrong. Atleast they are entertaining, you all just rip people off thinking you are proffesionals LOL Ghosts. I’ll tell you what I’ll do a video of me with a sheet over my head and you can investigate that.

  59. Dana

    09/08/2009 at 12:02 PM

    Yes, thelady you truly are a moron, but that has nothing to do with Paranormal State.

  60. michael brin

    11/15/2009 at 12:54 AM

    thats true about all of these show’s and scyfys ghost hunters u have to be brain dead to watch it a colplete waste of tv time,
    the only decent show is dicovery channel a haunting series

  61. amber jones

    12/22/2009 at 2:44 PM

    yall are just jelous that tere having some fun its a great show i love it it is just tv

  62. GiGi Noniya

    01/05/2010 at 10:38 PM

    I wish this show wouldn’t focus on dark and negative energies. Why is it that Ryan always seems to be followed by Evil Entities….Perhaps Ryan needs to find Christ for real instead of just chanting his name for protection.

    Please stop giving people who went to Penn State a bad rap, we are not all a bunch of psycho’s.

  63. Vera Willner

    02/07/2010 at 3:25 PM

    I am sorry Kelli Ryan that you went through such a fiasco with PRS and their associates. I read your article on the ghost theory website. How disrespectful, insensitive, greedy, deceitful and egotistical can people get? I have watched several of their episodes… I guess I am a moron. I have noticed that there always seems to be holes in the episodes, but I am curious about this subject and I don’t know where to find credible, honest accounts of the paranormal via the video format or other formats. I would appreciate some resources.

    Thank you,


  64. ashly

    03/10/2010 at 9:23 AM

    i watch the show and i like it, i think ryan might think of himself a little bit too much, i would like to see the lady vampire ep. i just started waching the show. for me its all fer a quick scare, but fer others i guess its different, i got other people hooked on PRS. as for the new show with the kids in it, i think its kinda stupid. i dont really care what people say, i think its funny, that so many people wanna complain about PRS.

  65. PRS fan 77

    08/26/2010 at 2:40 PM

    I think that guys is 100% right when he said these morons are not experts. It’s like all those PS haters don’t beliefe in the paranormal, and think it’s fake, yet they don’t have any prove that Ryan is an actor, and that PS is fake. Screw you Paranormal State haters. Show me prove that paranormal state is fake and i’ll beleive yu, but until then it’s your word against mine.

  66. checking account info

    09/21/2010 at 8:20 AM

    Really good article, it was a plaisure to read it. I despatched it to all my friends. Really thanks, every thing is de facto true.

  67. Will Y

    10/11/2010 at 11:08 AM


    • Leslie

      07/25/2012 at 6:55 AM

      Wait, I can’t call you a moron but you can call me an idiot? Sigh…life is so unfair. 😉

    • Kirsty

      07/25/2012 at 10:17 AM

      Please don’t shout dearie, I have a hangover.

  68. Greg

    10/11/2010 at 11:16 AM

    Haha, get a load of this guy! ^

    • Mike Walker

      05/01/2012 at 4:27 PM

      Greg, I do get a load of this guy and I am with him, if you haven’t experienced what they have or even I have then all of you ignorant idiots should shut the hell up…You have know Idea what its like to experience Paranormal activities, its obvious from the dumb comments you and others have posted….. I hope to GOD that you dorks experience it because if you do you would be talking less and shitting in your pants. You guys wouldn’t last one second in Ryan’s or any other paranormal investigators shoes…….Have nice day Idiot…. and I say that with a big smile….;.

      • Reagan

        06/08/2013 at 3:14 PM

        Okay, no one is saying that they don’t believe in the paranormal. We are attacking an unethical and falsely advertised “help” show. I have had tons of paranormal experiences…but Ryan and his team are BS and take advantage of the clients offering no real help.

  69. Dana

    10/11/2010 at 11:25 AM


  70. Andrea

    10/28/2010 at 8:13 PM

    I think it’s pretty interesting that you blast PS for their success considering this is a paranormal site and I am sure you’re upset that your competitors are doing so well. No one talks about the other even worse shows that are currently airing like Ghost Adventures- those guys are rididculous. But even then is it really fair for you to talk down to people and demoralize what they find to be entertainment because you don’t think it is. I didn’t know that you were the end all be all of what is correct. NIce job freaking out on the fact that Ryan himself is very religious- if you believe in demons THAN by defintion you must believe in God! If you believe that demons can hurt you than you must believe that God can protect you please tell me What exactly religion has to play a negative in this situation????

  71. Larsen

    02/20/2011 at 6:34 PM

    I don’t know if anyone will read this, but I just want to write a quick message here. I know that not everyone will like Paranormal State. I watch it, take it for what it is, and have an opinion on what I’ve seen. I don’t swallow it whole without questioning it. But if there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that you can not, in any way shape or form, determine if a person is a douchebag by how they are portrayed in a tv show.

    Editing, network demands and everything in between that, changes the way a person is percieved, and not always in a good way. People who claim Ryan Buell is a douche or something worse do not have the knowledge to actually come with these claims. Just like I feel with the paranormal field, you can never call anyone out on a tv show. Real life and real investigations where you yourself take part, is THE ONLY way to determine if there are such things as ghosts and spirits. Reality tv shows will NEVER be reality, because there will always be a network demanding a certain vibe, certain actions and it is all edited to get the viewers sucked in.

    Regardless of what you think of the Paranormal State cast and crew, you can not determine how they are by watching them on a tv show. You can however question their morals and ethics by asking why they are willing to participate if the show does not show them in the right ilght. That is a more valid question. Or if they feel it doesn’t show how much they try to help the families. Hateful comments and ignorant opinions, say more about the person that says/writes them than the people they are trying to badmouth. Why people think that they know someone just because they see them on tv is beyond me.

    I can’t stress enough that reality tv shows will never be the full reality. There is no such thing. It’s entertainment.

    That is all.

  72. Dr. Whoof

    08/19/2011 at 1:11 AM

    I can understand how you see the show as a fake, but the thing that is the most aggravating about this post is how you call EVERY fan of the show a moron. I’m a fan because I have grown up around speak of the paranormal and spirits, that I haven’t seen personally, but they lived around me. How can you seriously demean their intelligence for liking a show you despise? That’s like me saying that your opinions are fucking stupid and calling everyone who thinks so a cunt. Fake, or not, I think the show’s good. If you don’t, than good on you. Don’t watch it. But calling a bunch of people morons doesn’t make you a big person. But it’s your opinion and I can’t change it.

  73. dustyisdead

    09/17/2011 at 7:24 AM

    I’ve been watching the show for a while now. I watch it for several reasons. Sometimes it actually scares me, which is the entire point of the show. I’m a huge horror and paranormal fan, so for entertainment value I watch it.

    I also enjoy making fun of it. Ryan, Chip, and Elfie constantly crack me up with how RIDICULOUS they act. Things are constantly being faked on this show. Anyone that can watch this and seriously think it’s an actual depiction of the paranormal and/or paranormal research is, like the OP said, a moron.

    So even though part of me thinks it’s kind of harmless for this show to exist, another part of me is worried because not everyone will be able to deduce that the show is pretty much fiction. It’s possible that this will lead to irrational thinking among the viewers, and pretty soon EVERYTHING will be blamed of demons or possession.

    Not to mention all the tales of how PS and those affiliated with often will go out of their way to harass and defame anyone that dares speak out against it. The fans are just as bad. Even in these comments you can see a taste of the flame wars they’re apt to engage in.

    Anyways, great article. I’m now going to go watch the episode in question, which is now streaming on netflix along with the rest of the series.
    -Dusty Lee

  74. Courtney

    09/27/2011 at 3:34 PM

    What kills me is each time they DEMAND the entity or spirit show themselves or give a sign of their presence, it is almost always followed up with a WHAT THE @$&* was that??!!?? That is so funny. What do you think it was? Dummy.

  75. Pita

    10/15/2011 at 1:59 PM

    My new favorite word “harfed”. Excellent article, I can see he is a douche on tv.

  76. Russ

    10/26/2011 at 8:46 PM

    Who cares it is only entertainment. I am sure all the proper paperwork has been read and filed before any of the shows were aired. Why cut it down, if you can do better do it. I would love to see some web sites based on reality. I have a feeling all of the people that needed help through prs gave themselves a reason to be scarred with all the peolpe dabbling in dark arts that shouldnt be played with. The people whos houses they had made visits to all seemed to have tons of family trouble or they were all nuts to begin with. You are all right about the exorcisms it is not likely or not often the catholic church would even consider resorting to something like that. My point is people need to step down from thinking themselves the best and that goes for prs also take your interest and go with it be true to yourselves and everyone else or none of this is worth anything.

  77. GhouledKS

    10/30/2011 at 1:00 PM

    Good article! Being close to Halloween and all, I watched the first couple episodes on Netflix not knowing anything about the show. I had to stop after episode #3 because I couldn’t stomach the whole, self-indulgent psychic, christian warriors theme and I wasn’t going to stick around to watch them start burning non-believers. Douches indeed.

  78. aley

    11/29/2011 at 3:42 PM

    i dont believe in ghosts good or bad however i do believe in angels & demons. children are particularly vulnerable to demons as there minds are open, innocent, imaginative and not cluttered

  79. Khelsi

    01/03/2012 at 7:41 PM

    Um has anyone ever stopped to think that just because this show “always” has something “paranormal” going on doesn’t mean that it is fake? They probably have tons of other investigations that are too boring for television. Maybe those cases DO have evidence but not enough to get good ratings. Yes, I understand yalls skepticisim. I fully believe in the paranormal, but become irritated at the fact of people exploiting them. So please people, stop and think about all of the factors first before you start letting your ignorance bleed through.

    • Greg Newkirk

      01/03/2012 at 7:55 PM

      Ignorance is believing that PRS has ever done an investigation that ended up on a shelf because it was “too boring for television”. TV doesn’t other with investigations that aren’t sure things. There are no sure things in investigation. The answer? You rig it to always be a sure thing. There’s plenty of ex-Paranormal State crew who would tell you some very eye opening things over a few beers.

  80. lau1985

    03/11/2012 at 9:31 AM

    I just don’t understand why it’s such a big deal to the people who don’t believe the show is real. Just don’t watch it. It’s pretty simple. All the snarky sarcastic comments are as laughable as the “credibility” you are so quick to take away from the people on the show. “Get a load of this guy” and “have Ryan’s babies” omg dude you’re sitting there reading this stuff & taking time away from whatever undoubtedly awesome life you have to talk sh*t and call people morons. Really, grow up.

  81. bsr

    03/17/2012 at 10:40 AM

    Just saw this…I have a idea that I wish someone would do….Fake a haunting.Have them come out and do there speel,when u know ur house is not haunted.See what all they make up.That would be too funny and piss them off and show how they make stuff up.

  82. Mike Walker

    05/01/2012 at 3:53 PM

    For you to question Lorraine Warrens credibility,I would have banned your ass too…..
    who you to question her……where the fuck were you when she and her husband (God rest his soul) when they went through all the shit they did……I suggest you just stay out of it………………..and you can reply back to this with what ever you want……every one believes what ever they believe and what ever they experiance, and who knows you probably experianced alot of stuff your self, but you cant even fit in her shoes. i think you should keep to your self.

    Thats all. Have a great day…….Sorry if I sounded mean, and i appologize.

    • Happybird

      01/23/2013 at 8:02 PM

      Um, you know that the youngest son from the family involved in the Amityville “horror” has come out as saying it was all faked, right?

  83. ranchnumber51

    05/27/2012 at 10:11 PM

    IMO the author of this article is the ‘tard. I don’t agree with the tactics used by PS for dramatic purposes, but I do believe what these families are going through are real, and this article seemed quite insensitive to that (and yes, I’ve experienced tons of paranormal stuff myself). Dana, did you know that there are extremely in-depth psychological testing available that is dead-on accurate even when you’re not necessarily answering the questions truthfully? How do you know Lola wasn’t given such a test and found to be “normal”? Also, the Shakti headset is a real device based on a ton of scientific research and is perfectly safe. It gives off mild magnetic force, not electro-magnetic emissions… totally different. If you’re afraid of magnetic force, I suggest you shoot yourself into outer space because we are surrounded by it naturally here on Earth. Do a little research before you act like other people are morons and you are so frickin smart.

  84. Emily

    06/09/2012 at 12:25 PM

    The episode is actually still available on netflix. Just watched it the other day.

  85. R Emmet Lee

    06/27/2012 at 3:26 PM

    My favorite line of the piece: “…stoke some woman’s fears and puke in her house.”

    All too often, this is the upshot of any supposedly professional paranormal investigation.

    These sorts of programs are precisely why so much of the genuine paranormal activity in the world goes unnoticed or else unverified. We are predisposed to disbelieve because of fears, absurdities and the religio-scientific training innate in Western culture and modernist/technological themes being imposed on non-Western culture groups.

    For most people, that’s a fine state of affairs, but every once in a while, something truly supernatural is happening, and all the denial, fantasization and television sensationalism in the world can’t help us.

  86. Jennifer

    08/08/2012 at 9:25 AM

    For those who don’t watch the show or have never met ryan, “SHUT THE FUCK UP”. YOU are in NO POSITION to JUDGE him, we all know its NOT REAL untill it happens TO YOU . . . .right?????

    He is no different than anyone else that has had paranormal experience, he is just trying to find answers like all other investegators in the same feild. If you have something wake you up out of a dead sleep and found something staring at you in your bed, you would want to know what the hell it was too. You would want answers as well. I don’t see YOU out faceing these demonds FACE TO FACE!! RYAN HAS THE BALLS, to do what YOU won’t.

    • Patrick

      08/08/2012 at 10:24 AM

      I’m pretty frightened of “demonds” too. Thank the lord Ryan Buell has the balls to face these things….

  87. Chad

    08/10/2012 at 10:25 AM

    So I went to look for several episodes of Paranormal State on Netflix just to find out *gasp* Lady Vampire and The Messenger where no longer “available” when several months ago they where available for viewing. Paranormal State runs for approximately 22 minutes while others last longer. This show has to be the dumbest show I have every had the displeasure of watching. Everything looks scripted and phoney! I hope that eventually someone comes fourth from that cast or maybe even “Lord Buell” and admit it was all fake.

  88. Chad Irwin

    09/22/2012 at 4:04 AM

    This is some funny shit right here. A bunch of sad,lonely, douche bags that believe in stupid shit that does not exist bashing other sad,lonely, douche bags for believing in the same shit. Each group claims to be the righteous ones because their “facts” of this fairytale bullshit are more right than the others. AHAHAHAHAHA. Fucking loser retards.

  89. Jef

    10/16/2012 at 10:05 AM

    As for the safety of Shakti technology, I have personally used the older model seen on Paranormal State, the 8 coil, 16 coil, 64 coil and the most advanced signal set in the new Paranormal Shakti System which in point of fact has 20 years of research behind it and I can tell you it is absolutely safe. It uses gentle complex magnetic signals (not EMF) which coincidentally are also used in your average pair of headphones when you listen to music.

    As for the show, we must bear in mind that reality shows have scripts too, as well as a need to make sensational TV to keep the ratings up. This not a formula for truth OR reality.

    If you really want to know more about what kind of effects have been experienced by actual owners go to

    If you are interested in the neuroscience behind it, go to

  90. Martes

    11/18/2012 at 3:35 AM

    The PRS forums ? More like a teen idol fan club, basically the same type of teeny boppers who drool all over Tiger Beat Magazine. ” Isn’t Ryan just the dreamiest ?” There’s also a good few ultra Christian trolls and a good many more sock puppets. I was trolled there by a seemingly insane individual and when I reported him, the mods made it look like it was all my fault then banned me. Bottom line, a forum of new age moon bats, sock puppets and trolls.

  91. Susie

    12/15/2012 at 10:10 PM

    This is some funny stuff. I’m so glad I had something to amuse me, while I was sick at home on a Saturday night. Its old, but unbelievably-oh, what’s the word, ah!-stupid. What happened to not watching a show if you don’t like it?

  92. Happybird

    01/23/2013 at 8:35 PM

    I have always been interested in the paranormal and was initially excited when this show came on the first season. Yes, I realize it is a TV show, but they present it as being non-fiction and push Penn State credentials. What a fake bunch of crap! As apparent by the histrionics of the young ladies voicing their opinions, impressionable young people watch the show and therefore, it should be clearly stated at the opening of each episode that the show is heavily edited and large portions are fabricated in order to portray the producer’s/”investigators” desired outcome. But they probably wouldn’t read it, anyway, because Ryan is so Cuuuttttteeeeee!!! Oh, barf. What an embarrassment for those professionals who are trying to bring respect and legitimacy to paranormal studies.
    While I am on a tear, I would also like to mention how I absolutely hate how just about every place investigated turns out to have a demonic issue, at least in Ryan’s opinion. Anyone with an iota of knowledge of ghosts and the like knows that demonic situations are VERY rare and most investigators can go a entire career without encountering one single demonic entity. They just seem to pop up a lot on TV. The religious aspect they seem intent on jamming down everyone’s throat is maddening, as well. I just hope that little girl got the support from her mother that she actually needed once the cameras were out of their faces. I know probably no one will read this, as it is an old article and I think the show may even be cancelled by now, but I feel much better having finally vented about his crap. Thank You, Internet!

  93. Frank Garrett

    05/21/2013 at 8:20 AM

    everything I saw on the show . i believe was true

  94. lucid dream nightmare

    04/12/2014 at 4:10 PM

    You want to have two reality checks so that you
    will have yourself a fail safe just in case a particular doesn’t work.
    Pick one of the repeated ellements of youhr dream and
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    “Am I dreaming. He decides who the people in his dream are,
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