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Like Weird Stuff? Like Blogging? We Need Writers, Reviewers, and Reporters!

Do you enjoy writing about the fantastic, the fringe, and the fortean as much as you like reading about it? Boy, do we have an offer for you! While we’ve always had an open submissions policy here, now more than ever we want to make it clear that we’re always looking for paranormal news wranglers, guest contributors, regular contributors, reviewers, interviewers, and others with an interest in all things weird.

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve had a bit of trouble staying current for, oh, four months or so. As it turns out, work on a documentary doesn’t stop once you’ve screened it. When the majority of our content is being delivered by a handful of people, and those same people are working on a film, one project or the other is going to hit the back burner. It’s a bummer, but that’s why we’re posting this update.

WF writers receive a marvelous benefits package, including trans-dimensional psychic links, hidden insight into the unsolved mysteries of the world, and serious fortean street cred. But seriously, if you’re looking to make a buck, we can’t help you out. Not yet, anyway. If, on the other hand, you’re looking to have your stuff read by literally thousands of people each week, you’ve come to the right place. Each writer gets his or her own log-in credentials which makes tapping into our growing readership a breeze. It also lets you see our secret message board where we talk tons of crap about people you probably know. Heck, we can even hook you up with a WF email address if you’d like.

We need folks who are interested in reviewing books, films, and fun toys. We need people to track down and interview odd and amazing individuals. We need people to gather and post news blurbs about the latest weird headlines around the internet. We need teachers, historians, and troublemakers. We need YOU!

There’s a lot of fun things coming up in the future of this little rag-tag bizarro-blog and we’re always on the lookout for cool new people to share in our adventures and keep our readers well-fed. If you’d like to join the gang, or just want to dip your toes in the water and see what it’s like, drop us a line at editor(at)whofortedmag.com and we’ll get you set up and ready to conquer the stranger side of the internet.

Or, at the very least, an email address with a silly domain name.

Greg Newkirk

Greg Newkirk

Senior Editor at Who Forted
Documentary film-maker, professional monster chaser, and mystery monger, Greg is the senior editor for Who Forted? 'Zine. When he's not occupied by writing about the wide world of the weird, he's busy directing and editing documentary films like The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching or writing about offbeat travel for Roadtrippers. He's currently in production on his new project: an original documentary web series titled Planet Weird. He currently lives in Cincinnati.
Greg Newkirk
Greg Newkirk


  1. Chris Acosta

    04/10/2013 at 12:38 PM

    I would love to write for you! I have experience with online and print publications (I am the former editor of NorCal comedy mag Short Bus Magazine which I’m sure you have not heard of). I am currently a contributor to Eastside boxing, am a full-time personal trainer and also working on my first novel which include light themes of the paranormal sort. I have a deep interest in the subject of all things weird and would love to help out in any capacity I can. Thank you!

    • Greg Newkirk

      04/10/2013 at 12:49 PM

      Hey Chris! Drop me a line at editor(at)whofortedmag.com and I’ll fill you in on all the details!

  2. Chris

    07/17/2014 at 6:51 AM

    Greetings, I would like to submit content for the website, could you let me know how to go about this?
    thank you

    • Chris Savia

      07/17/2014 at 11:26 AM


      Check your email, look forward to hearing back! Just be patient with us, please.

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