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Man Beheaded After Witchcraft Allegation


A Tangoye Village man lost his head this week after being accused of using witchcraft to kill two local residents.

Siraje Kayondo was attacked in his garden Saturday evening around 7pm, dragged out into the streets by a mob of angry neighbors, strung up and beheaded.

“After cutting off his head, they threw it in a nearby bush and ran away, leaving the body on the roadside,” police explained to The Daily Monitor.

This was not the first attack against Kayondo, whose home was destroyed this past January which left him fleeing the village for safety.

The garden, however, was left untouched and over the remaining months Kayondo would sneak back to tend his crops hoping to not be spotted.

Those responsible for the destruction of Siraje Kayondo’s home were arrested and charged with malicious damage of property. No news is yet known if any arrests have been made regarding the attack and murder of Kayondo. A friend who was witness to the event was left unharmed and hopefully will be able to identify the guilty parties.

Dana Matthews
Dana Newkirk is a co-creator and regular contributor to WF? 'Zine. Dana hosted the internationally syndicated television series The Girly Ghost Hunters, which originally aired on the Space Channel in Canada. It was pretty terrible. If you so choose, you can catch the reruns on Sunday mornings around 4:30am on channel 44. Her main interests lie within the genre of vintage fringe, though she has been known to stand awkwardly in the background of many Who Forted videos.
Dana Matthews

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