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Who Forted? is a website about weird stuff. It’s about strange phenomena, visitors from beyond, mysteries of the occult, and that creepy place just on the edge of your town that everyone is a little afraid to step into.

Founded in 2008 by Greg Newkirk and Dana Matthews, WF? has since grown into a must-read online destination for anyone with even a passing interest in all things weird. With its lighthearted, middle of the road approach to the unexplained and some of the best-written paranormal news content on the web, Who Forted? has become a regular source of material for huge alternative media outlets like Coast to Coast AM, Mysterious Universe, and The Jeff Rense Program to name just a few.

We’re sort of a like a buffer between you and that guy at the bus stop who keeps whispering about angels in the television static. You really want to know what he’s talking about, but you value your personal safety. Don’t worry, we’ll ask him for you.

The aim of Who Forted? has always been to provide an alternative outlet to the sometimes stuffy, often times self-aggrandizing nature inherent in many of the other publications dedicated to the paranormal, in an effort to produce a publication that is honest, humorous, and easily relatable. We’re not about proving or disproving the strange tales we publish, but rather about sharing these stories in the interest of capturing and cataloguing the events for other passionate weirdos like ourselves. In the spirit of standing the middle ground, the decision to believe or disbelieve is left up to the reader.

We’re here to bring fun back to the fringe, and we’re doing so through our growing catalogue of exclusive articles on subjects ranging from psychic phenomena to mysterious creatures, through our weekly paranormal news show The Week in Weird, through original documentary films like The Bigfoot Hunter Still Searching, and through numerous speaking engagements, media appearances, and other “odd outreach” opportunities every year.

If anything can be said about us, it’s that we’re a little bit different, because if we only manage to be different, then we’re already doing something right.

What people are saying about Who Forted:

Yes, they’re all real


“Greg Newkirk has his finger on the pulse of the internet.. Who Forted are masters of high strangeness”
– The Anomalist

2e5136679731adb4ff7898be26dd304b_bigger“Always poignant.”
- Erin Ryder,  Destination Truth 

twitterlogo2_bigger“You all have nice smiles and great taste in shoes.” – Above Top Secret

IMG_1393-2x_bigger“These guys get it.”
- J.W. Ocker,  NY Grimpendium

9b390f7d496df2fa0c4f8a9b6dc0d828_bigger“Greg Newkirk is the cutest paranormal investigator you’ve ever seen.” – Conner Habib, Porn Star


b365e907b2c28fc855c11d8f77698b6aWho Forted is an absolutely great website for bizarre and paranormal news. Unlike other websites, Who Forted allows a reader to make up their own mind on a subject, rather than pushing radical or fanciful hypotheses. The crew at the website also has a great sense of humor, which makes it all the more enjoyable!”
- Jay Michael Cooney, Bizarre Zoology

7b357ab1be88c3357fe8451aae5c0a4a“I’ll come right out and say it – I’m a big fan of the team over at WhoForted? and have been for a while now. Mainly because of the fart-based pun in the name, partly because Dana does an awesome Bigfoot call, but also because of the constant stream of quality content produced and uploaded to the site – genuinely interesting stories from the weird world we live in that you probably wont see talked about in many other places… I know I’m a skeptic and I’m supposed to not like weird shit like this, but I do and I’m unapologetic.”
Hayley Stevens, Hayley is a Ghost

POLOLOGO_bigger“I’m a long time follower of Who Forted. What keeps me coming back? Well, to bastardize a Gene Wilder quote, “So shines a good deed in a (paranormal) world”. Who Forted? are that good deed. You can only have fun with a subject and take it seriously in equal measure if you genuinely care about it. It’s my impression that Who Forted? care. That’s why I keep coming back.” – Lee D. Munro, Otherworld North East Research Society

a184bfd6e518837467acf64c02b3ed04_bigger“I have to give credit where credit is due, their homo-erotic dance of Serg and I was something we, and even the production crew, gathered around to watch and laugh at for days… please make a sequel.” Ryan BuellParanormal State

logo_150x150_bigger“Greg Newkirk asks all the right questions.” – Normal Paranormal

ro“Who Forted is the best place on the web to steal content for my site!”
Ro Sahebi, Mulder’s World

f4eefdf3105239c3468484e830009582_bigger“I love those guys!”
Amy Bruni, Ghost Hunters

James Randi