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    Rats! We’ve Got Tokoloshe!

    Ebola has a death grip on western headlines, despite only affecting a small area of humanity’s homeland. A perennial problem near and dear to Africans of all stripe are...


    Suicidal Station Spirit Startles Straphangers

    Along the Nankai Main Line, this last Sunday, travellers witnessed an unknown woman jumping from the platform in front of an incoming train. An everyday sight, since it’s one...


    Snakes Alive! A Fossilized Dragon Man?

    Reptilians suffuse humanity’s legends and lore from time immemorial. Hopi Indians told tales of their underground “snake brothers”, or sheti, living underneath the American southwest and California. A little...


    Oh Deer! A Unicorn?

    According to tradition, one can lure a unicorn with a virgin. Nowadays, a twelve gauge will do nicely, thank you very much. Deep in the wilds of Slovenia, a...


    Smokey Spook Astonishes Albuquerque!

    Ghost sheets are folded away, little werewolves are complaining of toothaches after too much candy, leaving many with fond memories of Hallowe’en. Down in America’s southwest, some festival-goers caught...